Kevin’s Corner: Insights On B2B Pricing Strategies

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October 8, 2014 by The Pricing Authority

1 copyWelcome to Kevin’s Corner, where the best pricing tips and information are shared from PPS President and pricing industry expert Kevin Mitchell! Today’s PPS insight: B2B Pricing Strategies and Trends For Leading Enterprises.

Last week Vendavo partnered with PPS to host a live webinar for industry insiders.The practice of pricing in B2B enterprises has evolved considerably over the past two decades. It is no longer a specialized silo function, but rather a strategic capability embedded into the product management, marketing and sales processes and technology. The most profitable B2B enterprises are the major adopters of this new approach and integrating Value-based Pricing techniques in product design and communication. In our reply of the webinar, Kevin shares insights on the current trends in pricing and what to expect as the field expands and gains more influence. Kevin covers:

  • Strategies and tactics enabling B2B enterprises to achieve pricing excellence 
  • 4 building blocks of pricing excellence
  • Ways to improve alignment between Pricing and Product Management, Marketing and Sales
  • Methods to measure the success of pricing initiatives

The Professional Pricing Society is the industry’s preeminent professional association whose membership includes all of the major global B2B enterprises, consultancies, thought-leaders and technology partners. In his leadership role, Kevin has unique perspectives of what the best-of-breed companies are doing today and where they are headed in the future.


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