LAS VEGAS Speakers Spotlight: Dr. Reed Holden & Diana LaFave Zuzek

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October 8, 2014 by The Pricing Authority

The Pricing Authourity Presents-

In two weeks, PPS will host its 25th Annual Fall Pricing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re so excited about the Pricing workshops and membership activities that allow everyone to know one another better. We’re also continuing the tradition with providing the top pricing professionals in the world as our keynote speakers. Take a look at two featured keynote speakers at our Las Vegas Conference, and register to meet with them in the “City of Lights!”

Dr. Reed Holden 

reedholden                                    “A Coaches Insight On Pricing”

Reed Holden has over 25 years experience as a world-class pricing expert, known for driving price leadership and demonstrating customer value. An author and seasoned subject matter expert in pricing and sales, Dr. Holden’s also a master at coaching executives through critical pricing decisions locally and globally.

Dr. Holden will highlight the specific successes of previous companies, what the future of pricing looks like, and the best paths for advising internal customers to make better pricing decisions. Dr. Holden outline how to turn analysis into insight, “helicoptering skills” and how to develop compelling messages for executives. You don’t want to miss Dr. Holden’s business shares or book signings while in Las Vegas.

Diana LaFave Zuzek


            “What’s Price Got To Do With It?- Sharing Value With Your Customers”

Diana LaFave Zuzek is the Chief Pricing Officer (CPO) at 3M Company the driving force in the company’s efforts to create the Pricing Center of Excellence, focusing on building Strategic and Transactional Pricing capabilities across 5 industries, 30+ divisions, and 100+ countries. As CPO, Diana’s focus is to re-establish pricing as a marketing function, ensuring value delivery to the market, and formulating a price strategy to optimize value and profits.

Diana will discuss “Strategic Pricing” concepts along with the cores to successful growth of an organization. These strategies can be determined by abilities to collaborate across multiple functions to define a Price Strategy, and understanding that price decisions should be made based on the value your product or service delivers to the market. It is about creating an environment that clearly identifies and understands the value delivered to customers, how to become more relevant while positioning products, and optimizing our profits. Diana will discuss things every business should do to help improve price performance, communicate their value, deliver value to the market and remain competitive!

With over 23 years of sales, B2B, experience, marketing, business consulting, supply chain, manufacturing, Six Sigma, eBusiness, and Pricing, the N. Michigan University graduate remains involved in several business and non-profit organizations.

We can’t wait to hear these dynamic speaker is Las Vegas!


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