How-To: Participate In A #PPSCHAT

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November 5, 2014 by The Pricing Authority


Twitter is a popular Social Media platform that operates in real-time connecting millions across the globe. Twitter chats, or #TweetChats, occur when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag (#). This allows the conversation/ topic to be found or searched by millions, at any time. Twitter chats are often repeated bi-weekly or weekly, usually found under the same hashtag (#).

Twitter Chats are a great way to discuss topics, meet new people and network all in a fun environment! PPS is pleased to host its FIRST chat on 11.06.14 at 11am est. To ensure everyone can participate, we’ve listed the three basic steps in order to join in our #PPSChat! Learn how easy it is to follow along, and share your conversations on Twitter!

Step 1. Sign up for a Twitter Account

-Log on to and create a profile! Add a picture of yourself, or a favorite photo as an avatar, and begin following accounts that peek interest. Personal friends, favorite brands, news outlets, etc.

Step 2. Follow @Pricing Society

In order to get the best in pricing news, updates, Conference details and of course our #PPSChats, you must follow the Professional Pricing Society Account. All of the PPS Twitter Chats can be found searching and using the hashtag (#) #PPSChat.

Step 3. Follow Along and Join the Conversation

  • Follow as the moderator (@PricingSociety) asks questions to participants. Questions are often labeled, (Q1: , Q2:, Q3:, for example) and use the hashtag (#).
  • When answering questions, simply use the hashtag (#) so others can view your contribution within the conversation.
  • It is OK to greet new people within the chat as they join or “check-in.”
  • RT-ing (re-tweeting) the posts of another user within the chat is a great way to show support of a statement or share them within your network of followers. The shares may encourage others to participate as the chats are open to the public!

Remember to have fun! This is an open space for knowledge sharing and learning, and we welcome your thoughts and opinions! We’re looking forward to hosting more #PPSChats. So please join us 11.06.14 at 11AM EST for the FIRST #PPSCHAT!




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