#PPSDALLAS Pricing Conference Sessions Teaser

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January 14, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

We’re getting excited to announce more details about the upcoming 26th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas, Texas! During May 5-8 2015, we will welcome the best speakers, pricing professionals, executives, and leaders in the business and finance industries. We’ve listed our host hotel and encourage an Early Bird registration!


Check out the listing details of our initial Break Out Track Sessions:

Practitioner Track

This track features professionals in the pricing field sharing best practices – what has worked, what has not and how the challenges were resolved.

Pricing Experts Track

This track features Advisors in the pricing field sharing methods that will inform participants how to be more effective at both the strategic and tactical level covering many diverse pricing topic areas.

Pricing Tools and Techniques

This track features content pricing experts sharing their expertise in how to address barriers to success that organizations face implementing pricing strategies.

We will release more information in the upcoming days and weeks. Be sure to follow PPS on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for exclusive information about our Spring Conference using the hashtag #PPSDALLAS.

For more information about our conference registration, please visit our website or email: natosha@pricingsociety.com.

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