#PPSDALLAS Speakers Spotlight: Kent Monroe & Lillian L. Cheng

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February 10, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

#PPSDALLAS Speakers Spotlight- Monroe & Cheng

During our 26th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference in Dallas, Texas, we’re please to bring a world-class lineup of the best speakers and leaders in the pricing industry. One of our Featured Workshops is the Fundamental Principals For Effective Pricing. 

A two-day interactive workshop, it will provide an in-depth overview and fundamental orientation for the development and management of value-oriented pricing strategies and tactics. The workshop will provide leading-edge insights for managers who are responsible for pricing products and services or who seek to understand how to integrate pricing into management activities. Pricing is an important multifunctional business activity that involves and influences the marketing, financial and operational areas of a business. Managers from each of these business areas will find this workshop beneficial and informative.

Our featured speakers for this Pricing Education Workshop are:

Kent Monroe & Lillian L. Cheng


Kent Monroe is a Partner with Monroe and Associates and a J.M. Jones Distinguished Professor of Marketing Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Brining decades of consulting and practical experience to training seminars, his focus will illustrate successful pricing strategies and tactics. Kent defined the conceptual foundations of behavioral price research and is the author of, Pricing: Making Profitable Decisions. He was the founding editor of Pricing Practice and Strategy (1993-2003) and received the American Marketing Association/McGraw-Hill/Irwin Educator of the Year Award in 2005.


Lillian Cheng, Consultant and Researcher in Pricing & Marketing Strategy and Partner in Cheng Monroe & Associates. Lillian is an advisor and researcher in pricing and marketing strategy and has taught at several universities, the co-author of “An Appraisal of Behavioral Price Research (Part I)” and “Reflections on An Appraisal of Behavioral Research (Part 1)”, both in AMS Review, (3), 2013. Lillian has worked with numerous international businesses including Internet start-ups, luxury brands and high-tech firms.

The workshop will present factors that must be considered when setting price, and teach attendees how pricing alternatives can be developed and analyzed. It will also recognize the ways pricing information is conveyed throughout business, its products and services, and intentions. The speakers will discuss how to communicate pricing information to their firms’ internal and external constituents while emphasizing a proactive approach to pricing that requires a market orientation and specifically considers how customers develop value perceptions.

Attendees of the Conference will learn:

  • Fundamentals of perceived-value pricing
  • How customers perceive price and form value perceptions
  • How to analyze and choose among different pricing alternatives
  • The role of cost information in the setting of prices
  • How to communicate pricing information to customers and competitors
  • The key principles of effective pricing management

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