Top 5 Benefits of Obtaining CPP Pricing Education

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March 23, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

PPS is the home of Pricing! We are the only organization that exclusively supports professional pricers around the globe and have been in the industry for over 31 years. We remain the leading providers of pricing strategies, publications, research and resources to thousands of members across the globe, and leading industries in over 75 countries. 

The PPS Certification Workshops & Online Course offerings are the foundation for the Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation. Our multi-stage training curriculum is designed to support, educate and elevate the global pricing professional. The CPP program, has grown to become a mark of distinction for pricers worldwide, improving their knowledge and careers! 

Below are the Top 5 Benefits of Obtaining CPP Pricing Education:

  1. Learn Best Practices From Top Pricing Experts – Our faculty roster boasts the top minds in the business industry. All of our offered courses and course materials are based on industry best practices, extensive applied experience and practitioner success stories.
  2. Comprehensive Pricing Training – We offer courses that provide cover brad fundamental pricing strategies and others that provide in-depth studies of more advanced area topics. All of our materials are designed to equip departments and teams with the tools and concepts that will surely improve profitability. images
  3. Develop Internal Pricing Culture – Learn to orient your employees and teams to the best pricing practices and help instill a structured approach to pricing within your company by creating a powerful internal culture of like-minded pricing experts!
  4. Rigorous Certification Process – In addition to earning 6 credits by successfully completing workshops and/or online courses, participants must go through a rigorous certification process that includes a study guide, online preparation sessions, and ultimately a CPP Accreditation Exam. The 4-hour comprehensive exam is just one of the many reasons a CPP certification is the most respected pricing credential in the world!
  5. Bring Your Pricing Function In-House – Your firm knows its product offerings, services, and strategies better than any external consultant. Empower your organization or business with the knowledge to improve and increase profits, minimize revenue leaks, and ultimately save on outside fees.

For more information about the Certified Pricing Professional Program, please visit our main website: Click “Pricing Training” to view more details about our CPP or Online Pricing Courses.

You can also send an email to or call 770.509.9933.

Register for the Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas, Texas May 5-8th, 2015!

We look forward to hearing from you and providing the BEST in pricing education for you and your business!

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