Speaker Spotlight: “Pricing & Revenue Optimization” With Wei Ke

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April 15, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

Our lineup of Keynote Speakers and Pricing Workshops for our Dallas Conference is exciting and informative! Learn more about the featured Workshop with Pricing professional Wei Ke.

“A Primer On Pricing And Revenue Optimization” With Wei Ke, Parter Simon-Kucher & Partners 


During our Spring Pricing and Workshops May 5-8th in Dallas, Texas!


Wei Ke, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Wei Ke is a Parter with Simon-Kucher & Partners and works in the New York office specializing in strategic issues at the marketing operations interface. A well-known expert in pricing, marketing and risk analytics topics with large financial institutions, he has also been published in leading banking journals and is co-author of MBA Teaching Cases on Retail Pricing, currently in use at Columbia and NYU. 

Workshop Details:

While Band of America and Netflix recently suffered major public relations backlashes due to blunt pricing changes, Michelin and Verizon Wireless were able to benefit from a paradigm shift in their pricing structures.

What proved to work and what did not in their respective pricing strategies?What are the prevailing pricing philosophies at play? What lessons can be taken from the history of pricing and revenue optimization?

Price bundling, price-response modeling, and price optimization may all sound familiar to you as a pricing professional, but do you really know the nuances behind each term? How does price bundling transfer untapped willingness-to-pay from one product to another? How do you set up a choice-based price response model to better mimic typical decision making processes at the point-of-sale? What is an efficient pricing frontier? Does optimizing for profit always mean a trade off against maximizing volume?

This workshop will also discuss pricing software, which has become critical to successful pricing transitions. Wei Ke will prepare you to hear pitches from pricing and revenue optimization software vendors promising sizable improvements in your gross margins (despite the significant const of implementation) and teach how to determine whether or not the software is effective.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The history of pricing and revenue optimization (inclusive of case studies of pricing successes and failures)
  • Typical pricing analytical methodologies, including price bundling, price-response modeling, and price optimization
  • The statistical techniques that can help to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of a black-box pricing and revenue optimization software package.

After attending this awesome and informative workshop, join us for the PWC Networking Reception at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas!


We can’t wait to see you – REGISTER for #PPSDALLAS TODAY!


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