#PPSDALLAS Featured Keynote Speaker’s Spotlight – Dr. Tom Nagle

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February 17, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

speakers spotlight - PPSDALLAS 1.0

We’re gearing up for our Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conferences in Dallas, Texas this May! We host the world’s leading pricing professionals and experts and are thrilled to feature Keynote Speaker Dr. Tom Nagle! Learn more Dr. Nagle’s accomplished career:

tomnagleThomas (Tom) Nagle, Ph.D. is an independent expert to senior management and a Senior Advisor on projects exclusively with Monitor Deloitte. Dr. Nagle founded the Strategic Pricing Group (now part of Monitor Deloitte) in 1987 soon after the publication of his book The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, which, in its fifth edition, is still the top-selling and the most widely-adopted text on pricing.

Superior profit margins are the primary driver of profitable growth, yet few companies create focused strategies to drive profit improvement directly. Instead, some functions are charged with achieving higher revenue, some with reducing variable costs, and others with improving asset utilization and productivity. Top management assumes that if each function achieves its objectives, profitable growth will follow. Often they are disappointed.

Sharing examples from decades of experience, Dr. Nagle will illustrate how pricing professionals can initiate and lead a firm’s efforts to integrate value creation and cost management for more profitable growth. Dr. Nagle has extensive experience in developing profitable pricing and value communication strategies, including innovative tactics for implementation and analysis.

Hear Dr. Nagle speak on May 7th at our 26th Annual Spring Workshops and Conference in Dallas, Texas! REGISTER TODAY!

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