Barcelona 2014: Speakers Spotlight -Frederico Merlo & Leigh Caldwell

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November 4, 2014 by The Pricing Authority

PPS is excited to travel to Barcelona, Spain for this year’s annual European and Global Pricing Conference.



Federico Merlo is the Director of Corporate Marketing and Sales, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, utilizing his experience in various commercial and advising roles to drive businesses towards market centricity. He is passionate about value added propositions and service models. An Italian and Swiss national, he holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree from King’s college London and an MSc from Imperial College.

During the Global and European Conference Merlo will speak to pricing, revenue management and other business professionals about Currency and Price Management. Merlo says, “when managing currency exchange challenges, it is important that you as a pricer focus on the balance between the value and price of your product or service. If the currency in your target market appreciates or depreciates, the relationship between the price and value of your product or service will change, requiring modifications in your pricing strategy.”

During Merlo’s Keynote he will address the following:

  • Framework that help pricers profile and mitigate currency risks to achieve better business results in diverse global markets.
  • Foreign exchange risk challenges
  • How DuPont executes pricing strategies



Leigh Caldwell is the Chief Executive of Inon Pricing Advisers, and the author of The Psychology of Price (2012). Caldwell is also a partner at The Irrational Agency, a marketing agency that uses behavioral economics for strategy development and market research. As one of the world’s leading pricing psychologists, Caldwell will explain the process to psychological and emotional reactions to set prices.

Caldwell theorizes that the process sets off a chain reaction leading to one of two outcomes: a purchase or the customer choosing another option. Pricing professionals can guide customers along their psychological journey and influence them to pay the desired price.

During Caldwell’s Keynote he will also address the following:

  • Instant psychological signal price sends to customers
  • The 4 key stages in the “decision process”
  • Strategy to influence customers’ mindsets and increase price points

We look forward to hearing a wealth of information from these pricing professionals and look forward to a great week of workshops and speakers in Barcelona!

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