5 Steps To Improve Data & Enable Powerful Pricing Decisions

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March 25, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

5 Steps Wkshop-Vendavo #PPSDALLAS

We have several exciting workshops lined up for our attendees during the Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas this May!

Learn about the 5 Steps To Improve Data & Enable Powerful Pricing Decisions led by Dan Pilch and Scott Thiele, Directors at Vendavo.

When pricing pressure is on, how can pricing managers help sales teams defend prices and value in tough negotiations?

Bring your biggest data challenges to this session! Data impacts pricing decisions in your business. The question is how do you make your data actionable and aligned with the needs of your pricing strategy? What are alternatives to developing useful pricing measures when you don’t have the data available? What data do you have access to and how can your harness it? How can you conquer data limitations to enable pricing insights?

In this session, we will provide the attendees with tools, templates and ideas to meet their data challenges and move their projects forward to enable better pricing decisions. A portion of the session will include team collaboration and idea sharing with attendees from other companies around data challenges and approaches.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to identify their biggest data challenges
  • How to explore how data supports pricing in their organization
  • How to conquer data limitations to enable powerful pricing insights
  • How to apply new strategies to their data challenges
  • How to develop the next steps for moving forward with your top pricing data issues


Dan Pilch has over 15 years of experience in pricing, working in pricing management for major corporations and leading pricing project implementations for large B2B companies. He works closely with customers, providing pricing consulting services and guiding them through their pricing software implementations. His projects have consistently delivered significant return on investment with over $200 million in incremental value to-date.


Scott Thiele, Pricing Program Director with Vendavo, has over 20 years of experience in advising, pricing, software development and program management. Scott joined Vendavo in 2012, where he has led several implementation projects for leading B2B companies. Prior to Vendavo, he owned and operated his own software company, and worked as a Senior Program Manager at Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX) where he managed the Vendavo implementation.

LISTEN to learn more about the dynamic presenters and their upcoming workshop during the Spring Workshops and Conference in Dallas, Texas!


Register TODAY for the Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas, TX this May!

We look forward to seeing you in May!


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