Speakers Spotlight: Next Generation Analytics By John Hogan

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March 24, 2015 by The Pricing Authority

How Next Generation Analytics Are Transforming The Future Of Pricing

Keynote Speaker: John Hogan


If knowledge equals power, then Pricing should be among the most powerful groups in a company. Certainly, Pricing is one of the most analytic functions, but in many companies Pricing ha s minimal input into strategic decision-making and is often viewed as a tactical group within Sales or Finance. As pricing managers, we must find ways to create additional value in order to earn a better seat at the strategy table.

Recently, a select group of companies piloted a new generation of predictive analytics that create tremendous value by unlocking the black box surrounding sales negotiations. Among the pilot companies, the negotiation analytics helped pricing managers forge stronger partnerships with sales managers. Similarly, improved price forecasting was highly valued by finance managers. In these companies, next generation analytics are helping Pricing become a strategic partner instead of a tactical resource.

John Hogan, Co-Founder of the Value Market Advisors, is an expert at assisting clients in developing and implementing value-based growth strategies. The co-author of The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing 5th Ed., John is a recognized thought leader on strategic pricing, sales and negotiation. With over 20 years experience developing and implementing pricing strategies in industries including IT, software, information services, distribution, manufacturing, professional services and consumer goods, we’re very excited to feature him as a Keynote Speaker during #PPSDALLAS

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How current analytics miss more than 50 key factors that predict pricing outcomes
  • How new predictive analytics can unlock the black box surrounding price negotiations
  • How next generation analytics create 2-4% margin increases

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